Partners in Philanthropy 2018 Year In Review

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Blog

Partners in Philanthropy – This Years’ Greatest Lessons

Last year we launched the Partners in Philanthropy Program. Our purpose was to learn more about our advisors’ philanthropic efforts and to help spread the word about the charities they support. Over 15 advisors signed up to participate and we interviewed an advisor each month for the Partners in Philanthropy Charity Spotlight. What we learned has opened our eyes further about charitable inspiration, the issues impacting our local communities and communities around the world, and the capacity each of us has within ourselves to help change the world.

Our advisors’ stories are moving in ways we had not anticipated. We are committed to sharing these stories so others can learn and be inspired to give in their own unique way too. Here’s a recap of what the Partners in Philanthropy Program taught us this year.

More children will die this year from suicide than cancer.

“When cancer happens people talk about it, they rally around the family, treatment resources are accessible, and the support is there. When we become aware of a child with mental illness, we question the parenting and then don’t let our kids play together anymore.”

Michael Burgoyne, CFP®, CHFC®, Founder and President of Laurus Wealth Management
Children’s Center | Read More

Mentorship can change the trajectory of an at-risk teen’s life.

“The teenage years are vulnerable ones, but also filled with immense opportunity. One of the things that strikes me about the Summer Search students and alums is their immense gratitude for the experiences and mentoring they’ve received. Although they are young, maybe in college or newly graduated, they are committed to giving back. They want to inspire others to make pivotal choices that will lead to a happy, fulfilling and prosperous life. I completely relate to their feelings, and their enthusiasm energizes me.”

– Susan Youngsman, Susan Youngsman & Co.
Summer Search | Read More

Meals on Wheels delivers close to 15,000 meals a year throughout Pierce County and much more.

“My task was to deliver meals, but I was delivering much more. In many cases, I would be the only one to visit and talk with the people on my route each week. They wanted to talk with me and share their stories.”

JB, James B. Wilson VII, CFP®, Cornerstone Financial Strategies
Meals on Wheels | Read More

The Canby Dahlia Run has raised over $120,000 for local area children’s charities.

“We look for charities who serve to protect children. An example is Sparks of Hope. They have purchased several German Shepherds who are trained as therapy dogs to accompany children who have been sexually abused and have to face their abusers in court. This is how our annual run is benefiting children.”

Paul S. Carlson, Founder 4:8 Financial
Canby Dahlia Run | Read More

Third grade has been recognized by educators as the point when children shift from learning to read, to reading to learn.

“Children in Cloquet are from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and the resources available to them differ. I wanted to create a program that would make a personal connection with each and every child at two points in their early learning years to encourage them to continue to read and learn. Since the Literacy Program of Cloquet launched, we have distributed 7,500 books.”

– Julie A. Rothmeier, Strategic Wealth Partners
The Rotary Club of Cloquet | Read More

Since 2010, eighty-three rural hospitals have closed across the country with new ones opening only in urban areas.

“When it comes to our local hospital and family of clinics it takes a community of volunteers, strategic thinkers, and givers to keep them strong and our towns healthy. In the end, we are the fuel that enables them to thrive.”

Mark Mager, Community Financial Center
Mason General Hospital Foundation | Read More

The Shriners Fraternity has made helping children with severe and traumatic injuries their mission leading to their effort being dubbed “The World’s Greatest Philanthropy.”

“Shriners are very aware of children in need. If I see a child with a serious injury, I’ll approach their parents and ask if they need something that they aren’t getting. Most of the time they are being treated, but if they aren’t I want them to know about Shriners Hospitals and that there’s help, even if they can’t afford treatment.”

Randy Welborn, Clear Creek Wealth Management
Shriners Hospitals for Children | Read More

We are inspired by all of our advisors’ philanthropic efforts and look forward to bringing you continued insight into the issues impacting our world and inspiration to help make positive change happen!

Learn more about Partners in Philanthropy and how to participate.

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