Ease the burden with a silent strategic partner.

We help lessen the load and ease the worry most advisors experience with owning an independent practice with limited or no home office support. Financial Advocates Investment Management (FAIM) serves as your silent partner, allowing you to grow your business your way while providing much-needed help in a variety of areas.

As a hybrid RIA advisor, enjoy increased freedom and options while continuing with transactional business and receiving commissions. We provide expert regulatory oversight and support in all areas of practice management and serve as your primary liaison with your broker-dealer.

To become a pure RIA advisor, we help you exit your broker-dealer and establish a fiduciary commitment to your clients to achieve pure independence. 

The world is moving toward a fee-based model. As advisors begin to recognize the impact of this we will be here to help them move towards a multi-custodial approach.
Gary Campbell

CEO, Financial Advocates

Start Pursuing Increased Independence!

Our experienced RIA professionals pride themselves on providing:


Experienced Regulatory Guidance

Each team member has extensive knowledge of the laws, regulations, and guidelines governing RIAs.

Practice Management Guidance

We regularly collaborate so you are always working towards new goals and staying strategic.

Extensive Virtual Services

Whether you need permanent support or temporary support, our Virtual Services provide value-added expertise in a variety of areas, as if they were located right in your office.

Concierge-Level Service

Our operations, business development, technology and compliance teams are eager to work with you and are always accessible.

Supportive Audit Management

We help you prepare and then collaborate with federal and state examiners to ease the exam process and audits.

Multi-Custodial Access

We have relationships with a multitude of custodians and third-party money managers to open the door for new business.

Looking to grow or expand your financial practice?

We support an expansive network of independent financial advisors across the nation. If you are thinking about increasing your independence and opportunities for success, let’s talk.