Cracking the Code in Financial Services From a Catamaran

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Blog

Running a business of any kind is a daunting task in the best of times. But on a boat in the middle of a pandemic?

That’s a gamble Christian D’ Urso, founder of Trade Winds Wealth Management and one of Financial Advocates’ most successful advisors, was willing to bet on last year.

While Christian never dreamed of taking his business to the open sea before, the pandemic triggered him to think outside the box – fast. Why keep an office space or work from home when a 45×26 foot catamaran could double as a home and an office?

It’s an unconventional way to run a business, but Christian proves that being bold, strategic, and resourceful is more important in running your financial services business than having an office space.


From Landline to Open Water

The pandemic challenged the “old school” way of thinking in financial services. The “old” way relished in-person meetings and events, even if it was the more expensive or inconvenient option. The “new” way of thinking, however, will require that advisors prioritize giving value and convenience to clients with or without the face-to-face meeting.

Christian took an opportunity to challenge the “old school” mentality once it became widely acceptable – not to mention, necessary – to move all meetings virtually during the pandemic. He leveraged services from the Financial Advocates team to make the transition as seamless as possible – from technology implementation to hiring, right down to transitioning his entire support staff to working remotely.

As a leader, Christian showed up for his team during the pandemic to ensure they had all the resources and support necessary to work remotely and have access to him while on his catamaran. As a financial advisor, Christian needed admin tools to simplify the process with his clients, many of which weren’t well-versed with teleconferencing and digital tools themselves.

But the tides are changing – pardon the pun! Virtual meetings, remote work, and running an office digitally is hardly taboo now. The past year proved that this model can and does work.


Embracing Change with the Right Partners On Board

Christian is the poster child for what is possible when financial advisors lean on strategic partners like Financial Advocates.

Having the right people in place to advise on back office administration, marketing, and technology can not only elevate a financial advisor’s practice but also enable you to shape the future of the business.

Christian’s story isn’t as unique as you might think. Aside from deciding to take his business on boat – that fact is unique! – he is doing what many other smart advisors have done with us; that is to lean on our experience in order to run and grow their firms successfully from anywhere.