Don’t Abandon Traditional Marketing, Just Yet!

by | Nov 26, 2019 | Blog

While digital marketing is one way of gaining brand exposure, traditional marketing is still alive and well.  We are going to share compelling reasons why you may want to consider marketing your practice using traditional methods too. When it comes to marketing, remember it’s never an either-or approach, but more like everything and always.

When you market your practice using different methods, the odds that people will see your brand increase. When you see a brand everywhere, your subconscious assumes a few things about that brand. For one, we believe the brand is successful, or how could they afford to be everywhere with their message? People seeking advice on how to be more financially successful want it from those who are succeeding. The second subconscious assumption from being visible everywhere is that you have happy clients. You can’t be successful without satisfied clients…right? Increased visibility helps build trust.

When we speak of traditional marketing, we are referring to billboards, radio, events, print materials, and giveaways. We’ve left print advertising off the list. Newspapers are dying a slow death, and greater exposure and opportunities exist with advertising on their digital counterparts. However, the other traditional marketing methods still hold significant opportunity for marketing your firm.


Billboards make you appear larger than life. Every day 115 million cars are on the road transporting single commuters1 to and from work. In some places mega-commuters, those who travel 90 minutes or more to work. Lamar Advertising is one of the largest billboard companies in North America and a great place to search out prime real estate for your target market. They also work with you to create the ad. Keep in mind, billboard contract pricing is often negotiable, so before you agree to a price, you have some wiggle room.


When was the last time you sponsored or hosted an event or seminar? Event marketing helps you stay connected with your clients and engage with prospects. If you do not want to shoulder the expense of hosting an event entirely on your own, consider partnering with other professionals providing services that intersect with your own.

Event marketing can be as simple or complex as you want. Communities across the country hold fundraising events throughout the year with an abundance of sponsorship opportunities. Sign-up to sponsor a booth and increase your visibility with those who live in your community.

Events have also crossed the chasm between traditional and digital marketing. Webinars are low cost and easy to implement. There are plenty of leading webinar providers available to make hosting a monthly event a breeze.

Regardless of the type of event you plan or participate in, having a process to quickly follow up with those who attended is critical.

In-Direct Marketing

The most traditional forms of marketing are the leave-behind brochures, slicks, business cards, and giveaways you hand to everyone who visits your office or attends one of your events. Don’t overlook the importance of having professionally developed marketing materials that clients can take with them to review your value proposition. These items can be emailed in .pdf format as well.

Regardless of the methods you select for your marketing arsenal, keep in mind, marketing alone will not make you successful. Marketing serves to increase awareness of your brand and engage prospects to reach out and connect with you. What happens after they reach out is on you and your team, so having a repeatable process that is responsive, and client-centered is key.

For help developing a strategic marketing plan, give us a call. We have an experienced team hand, ready to help you make things happen.


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