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Here You Are Part of a Community

Increase your knowledge with access to a growing network of financial industry experts and leading independent financial advisors.

At Financial Advocates our network of independent financial advisors enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship along with a comradery from being connected to those with similar values. We care first and foremost about doing what’s right for our clients, and together our network of independent advisors and industry experts are helping to shape the future of financial planning and wealth management.

Connect and Collaborate

Vital to the success of independent financial advisors is the ability to connect and collaborate with others to help identify solutions and remove obstacles.


Financial advisors in the Financial Advocates’ community benefit from:


A Vast Network of Advisors

Easily connect with others in your area

Expansive Expertise

Need insight into a particular area of expertise? We’ll connect you for increased insight and guidance

Leading Best Practices

Learn the best practices of other leading advisors in our network

Networking and Learning Opportunities

Always stay in-the-know and connected by attending a multitude of events and meetings

Financial Advocates Community Resources

Regional Meetings

Bi-annually we host half-day regional meetings in Portland, OR and Seattle and Spokane, WA bringing together local independent advisors, LPL home office staff, product sponsors, and members of the Financial Advocates team. Spend the day with us, network and learn what you need to know to stay strategic in the months ahead.

Advisor who attend Financial Advocates Regional Meetings benefit from:

  • Access to LPL Executive Leadership – Meet members of the LPL Financial Executive Team.
  • Insight into New Investment Solutions and Offerings – Learn about new investment products and solutions.
  • Regulatory News and Updates – Be informed of new FINRA/SEC/DOL regulations impacting your practice.
  • Financial Advocates New Services – Learn about new services being introduced to member advisors.
  • Peer to Peer Insight



Annual Conference

Join us on September 14-16, 2020 for the Financial Advocates Virtual Conference for LPL FInancial Advisors.

This is your opportunity to learn from the industries best professionals who will inspire you with fresh ideas to make the most impact for your clients.

View our conference website by visiting

Study Groups
Compare notes with other like you. Connect with other advisors to share best practices, discuss obstacles, and collaborate on solutions. Financial Advocates Study Groups are forming now….


Quarterly Compliance Webinars
Stay compliant and in-the-know with our quarterly compliance webinars. Critical to the ongoing success of your independent practice is staying informed of new rules and regulations coming from FINRA, SEC, the Department of Labor, and more. As an OSJ, supervision of our advisors’ practices is our foundation. To us, supervision goes hand-in-hand with service. Advisors we serve rely on us to provide simplicity and guidance with open communication, which is highly beneficial in the current regulatory environment.

Advisors attending our Quarterly Compliance Webinars benefit from:

  • Timely Analysis – We slice and dice the news coming from the regulators so you don’t have to. Learn what you need to know without wading through lengthy documents
  • Compliance Highlights
  • Questions Answered – Get your questions answered by experienced compliance team.
  • Professional Guidance – We address situations that you and others may feel impacted by




Partners in Philanthropy
Financial Advocates’ home office team actively supports a variety of charitable organizations focused on improving lives and strengthening the communities where we work and live. Our member advisors are also making a lasting impact in the communities they serve across the nation, as well as, around the world with their volunteer and philanthropic efforts.

When viewed individually our contributions impact hundreds, but collectively we are making a difference for thousands of lives each year. Learn more about the philanthropic efforts of our home office team and member advisors here.

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