How to Look Like a Pro When Using Video

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Blog

Posting original video content is a great way to create a robust online presence and engage with current and potential clients but delving into the world of video can be daunting. It is not as difficult as it seems! Looking like a pro is just a matter of being prepared and willing to try new things. Here are some tips on how to easily create professional looking videos for your social media or website.


Use the Right Equipment

The first step to looking like a pro is to purchase the right equipment however, there is no need to break the bank. Most modern smartphones or modern laptops come equipped with a camera that should suit your needs. If you decide to use your phone, it’s worth investing in a tripod so that you can put your phone at eye level. Many phones come equipped with a ring light, which is helpful if you do not have natural lighting in your filming space.

It is also a good idea to purchase a quality microphone. Using your phone or a headset works for video conferencing, but this is not ideal for filming videos. Phone microphones are not built to pick up sounds from a distance, and headsets might look awkward on video. Many lapel microphones, like this one, are easy to use and can connect directly to your phone or laptop.


Set Up Your Filming Space

It is important to remember that the camera will show not just you, but your environment. Before you start filming, turn on your camera and look at what is in the frame. Does your backdrop look professional and clean? Is it easy to look into the camera from where you are sitting? What about your lighting? Can you see your face clearly, or is it covered in shadow or washed out by bright lighting? If possible, position yourself near a natural light source. A window in front of you or to the side is ideal.

If you’re working from home or in a space with other people who may walk into frame, you might need to invest in a solid color standing backdrop or one that attaches to the back of your chair.


Use a Script (or Not)

If you are filming a video for social media, it might be helpful to memorize or read from a script. We recommend you pre-write the script and have it approved before use. This will allow you to feel more prepared when you start filming.

For some, reading from a script can make them sound awkward or stilted, which comes off as inauthentic to clients. If this is the case for you, it might be better to work from bullet points and extrapolate on them without a script, so that you sound more natural. Some may even do best while speaking entirely off the cuff.


Do a Practice Run and Review Your Footage

Whether you are brand new to video or just trying out new equipment, it is always good to do a practice run. Do a test recording with your mic before you record the real thing. How is the quality of your audio? Is there too much background noise? It is better to do this ahead of time than film the whole video and discover you need to re-record!

After you record a run-through of your script, play the video back. Do you sound natural reading a script, or do you need to try reading bullet points? Did you make eye contact with the camera?

Be sure to ask yourself the most important question, “Is my video engaging?” Try to be objective when you watch your video. Are you offering the viewer new information in an exciting and interesting way? If this video showed up on your social media feed, would you stop scrolling to watch it?


If you would like additional assistance with setting up your filming equipment or creating an engaging video, give us a call. We have expert IT support that can help you with selecting the right products. Our marketing team can assist with scriptwriting, social media management, and more.