Facilitating Your Relationship with LPL Financial

Navigating a Sea of Options


It can be difficult for solo practitioners working with a broker-dealer to identify and leverage all the capabilities that independence and a large broker-dealer can provide. This gap can be especially noticeable with large broker-dealers, where it can be time-consuming for independent advisors to navigate the vast resources available. It can also be difficult for advisors to know when they would be better served by providers outside of their broker-dealer for services like marketing or practice management.

We work with you one-on-one to help you manage your business and better harness the resources you need from our team, LPL Financial, and other providers. You receive the benefits of working with a large company and gain a personal, professional, and customized touch.

Our Process


When you onboard with LPL through Financial Advocates, we help you through the whole process. We host weekly calls to make sure you’re on track with your onboarding milestones, ensure your tech and email are working as they should, provide support for marketing needs like announcement letters, and help you and your staff get up to speed with LPL’s platforms through training sessions and operation guidelines.