Portfolio Managmement

Portfolio Designs with Longevity in Mind


As an independent financial advisor, the investment choices and solutions you can deliver are endless. Whether you are just transitioning to an independent practice, or are already well established, it’s helpful to have a suite of portfolio strategies you can rely on to help increase the likelihood that your clients will not outlive their assets.

Introducing Double Leaf Portfolio Strategies


These portfolios are designed to meet each stage of your client’s life cycle using three components that set longevity of spending, the probability of success, and estate wealth as measures of success. The Double Leaf Portfolios still incorporate traditional risk and return investment strategies, but move beyond them to optimize the client’s wealth to last.

Double Leaf Portfolio strategies acquired the name from a bridge type known for having a balanced structure, flexibility for change, and providing support over a spanning distance. Similarly, these strategies were designed to provide a balanced, yet flexible structure for investors throughout their life cycle, ultimately seeking to connect the investor with their goals.

The diagram above highlights three major stages of the investor life cycle. To find the appropriate portfolio strategy, investors must first determine where they are located within the investor life cycle and then evaluate their specific risk tolerance and objective. The thick dark line in the diagram on the right depicts a hypothetical illustration for a typical investor life cycle. (Individual results may vary.)

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– Sam Sharples, Financial Consultant