Reopening Your “New Normal” Office

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Blog

As of recent, more states across the country plan to lift stay-at-home orders and reopen non-essential businesses. Many states are reopening in phases and have provided detailed instructions and requirements that employers must meet in each phase. To find your state’s COVID-19 reopening policy, go to your state’s official website or check out this State Reopening Guide. Beyond fulfilling your state’s mandated guidelines, we propose a few new best practices for reopening your office.


People all have different perspectives when it comes to COVID-19. LPL Financial recently conducted an employee poll and found that 25% of employees were ready to return to the office, while 75% preferred to stay at home. Have you considered asking your employees how they feel in a private poll? If the answers are split, reopen your office with a plan that considers those with differing comfort levels or more challenging situations. With a phased approach, you can welcome back those who are eager to return first, followed by those who have increased risk factors or new lifestyle obstacles, such as meeting childcare needs.


Communication builds trust, and your employees and clients need to trust that you are putting their safety first. Detail your plans to keep everyone safe and be sure they align with your state’s requirements. Since clients will be getting similar communications from many other businesses, find ways to make your communication more engaging. Send a video message via email or post it on your website and social media.


Your clients’ opinions about whether to venture out or stay put are critical to your practice. Be flexible and meet your clients where they want, whether online with GoToWebinar, in their home, or at the office. When meeting in person, be sure to follow your state’s mandated guidelines: wear a face mask, stay six feet apart, and avoid physical contact. If you plan on meeting your clients in-off, consider staggering appointments, so that clients have decreased exposure to others who are coming and going.


With an electronic signature option, such as eSignature, you can reduce both paper waste and health risks. If your clients are staying at home, eSignature minimizes the need for them to go to the post office. eSignature also allows you and clients to handle paper less, which minimizes both parties’ contact with non-sanitized surfaces.


It has always been a best practice to deliver concierge-level customer service. Now it is equally essential to provide concierge-level safety too! In advance of each client meeting, provide your clients with a personal protection kit. This kit can include hand sanitizer, tissues, and other hygiene materials with your branding! Here is an opportunity to be conscientious and creative!

If you need help reopening your “new normal” office, please contact us. Our Business Development team can work with you to help you meet your state’s COVID-19 requirements and devise a communication strategy for employees and clients. Our Technology team can also help get you set up with remote meeting options or other technological questions.