Build a Legacy

Supported Transition from Captive to Entrepreneur

Have you struggled with having to meet quotas for potentially subpar products, feel economically constrained, and wonder if you could be doing better for your clients, your practice, and those who rely on you?

If you are a captive advisor, or with an independent broker-dealer who hasn’t delivered on their promises, you’ve come to the right place.

Study after study has revealed advisors who transition experience increased revenue and job satisfaction. So why wait? If you are like most, you may be concerned with:

  • How to transition
  • Whether or not your clients will move too
  • Compliance concerns
  • Potential legal recourse
  • Not knowing how to setup or manage a business

Hear what advisors are saying about our transition services.

You don’t have to know the answers, because we do. Since 1996, we have helped hundreds of advisors transition with ease, remove their obstacles, and gain greater independence.

Let us help you:

  • Pursue the independence you desire
  • Gain an expanded infrastructure of professional support staff readily available to help you with compliance and operations.
  • Grow with expert service in marketing, technology and practice management.

We are the fourth largest OSJ enterprise at LPL Financial and serve over 200 independent financial advisors. Our extensive team also delivers support services to Hybrid RIAs and Pure RIAs too, so if you are interested in making positive changes in your practice, we can assist you.

Looking to grow or expand your financial practice?

We support an expansive network of independent financial advisors across the nation. If you are thinking about increasing your independence and opportunities for success, let’s talk.