Would You Hire You?

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Blog

How often have you gone to a website to better understand a business and walked away more confused and less informed than when you first Googled the company? Are your prospects and clients finding the same lack of information or confusing content? If so, here are three quick ideas that might help put some life back into your website while adding clarity to you, your business, and whom you serve.


  1. Does the visitor know they are on YOUR site?

If your name and contact information are not clearly visible at the top of your website, people may not know they are visiting the correct site. Make the information available without having to scroll or, worse, go to another web page.

Does your home page have a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge, but your business resides in Washington, Oregon, or California? Talk about confusing. At the very least, have images that relate to your business location. Take it to the next level and show pictures of your office, clients, and your town. Something as simple as a familiar place can keep them from going to the site of what appears to them to be a local advisor.


  1. Is it clear whom you serve?

When asked about their target or niche markets, an advisor will say they serve everyone. That may translate into the advisor either not knowing whom they serve or not taking the time to find out. Upon further discussion, at least a few niche markets begin to emerge. When advisors take the question to the next level by segmenting their book of business, their niche audiences often become very clear.

People want to know that you can help them the same way you have helped others with similar financial challenges. Whether your niche is based on occupation, similar interests such as golf or football, local employers, life changes, or a specific demographic, there are likely specific financial issues unique to the people in that group. Being able to relay who and how you help can make a big difference, especially when a client refers you because of your expertise within that niche.

Competition is one of the most important reasons you should clearly state how you serve a niche. If the advisor down the street conveys a strong understanding of a local hospital’s benefits and how they can help transition those benefits to a nurse’s retirement, they may stand a much better chance of landing that client.

Think through your current clients, the commonalities of the people referred to you, and, equally as important, whom you want to serve. If you have never segmented your book of business, find someone, such as your Financial Advocates Business Consultant, who can help you do that. Take the time. It can make a big difference to your website and your business.


  1. Are visitors bored with your site?

If they are honest, many advisors would look at their website and know it is dull, without much life or character. According to several studies, you have 15 seconds to capture someone’s attention. After that, they move on to someone else. Don’t give them that opportunity.

It’s important to understand where clients and prospects spend the majority of their time on your website. Having Google Analytics attached to your site can let you know if the changes are working as you work to liven up the content.

What kind of content can keep people on your site and keep them coming back?

  • Content that is important and specific to their circumstances, and that does not mean it has to be financial content.
    • Consider blog articles that relate to your niche audiences.
      • If you work with older couples who are downsizing, providing an article on “3 Ways to Downsize Your Closet” is something they will most likely find interesting.
      • How about an article that helps when moving away from family? “Staying Close to Grandkids 3000 Miles Away” can provide comfort and insight into a tough subject.
      • You could provide insight into the top financial challenges for Millennials, Gen Z, or Baby Boomers and ways to consider managing those challenges.
    • These articles let your readers know you understand challenges specific to their situation. Just make sure the content is relevant to the audience and worthy of forwarding to a referral.
  • Change your website front page from time to time. Add pictures that link to new articles or updated content regarding team activities, work with area non-profits, and investment insights and updates. Keeping your content and pictures fresh is one easy way to keep your site from being dull and keep readers coming back.


Take a good look at your website and ask yourself, would you hire you? If not, start with just one of these suggestions and then move to the next one. Before you know it, you will be able to say yes to that question and feel good about others hiring you too!

When you are ready to talk about ways to make you, your website and your brand more appealing just send the Financial Advocates Marketing Team an email to We are happy to help!